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Fulton Properties has approached each development opportunity with an eye toward creating additional value in every phase of the project and throughout the project life cycle. Our track record of highly successful development projects has created strong partnerships with all of the stakeholders we have engaged. We manage the development process from the perspective of an owner and investor to assure that we meet or exceed investment objectives. As the development manager Fulton Properties can provide consultancy and advisory services for feasibility assessment, design development, regulatory approval, and project management.

Project Management Services

With over a century of commercial construction our senior staff has the knowledge and technical expertise across a wide range of property types. Regardless of the size of the construction project our senior staff is involved every step, from pre-construction planning, obtaining entitlements, budget development and execution, scheduling, contract procurement, and close-out. There are many project management firms that see less opportunity in projects that present great challenges but that is when Fulton Properties is best able to add value. We are able to leverage our experience from many of our past historic restoration and adaptive re-use projects to create an effective solution to any challenge.

Project Marketing and Sales Services

Beginning as early as the predevelopment phase, our senior staff approaches each project with the understanding that there needs to be alignment between the proposed development and the demands of the market. We have the flexibility to realign a project to maximize value when markets change. Fulton Properties works with the architects and designers to create highly desirable homes and work places that will be well received in the marketplace. That integration between design, development and marketing can add a third pillar of value that sets Fulton Properties apart from other project managers.

Project Samples

Project: Apartment Building Rehabilitation

Value: $6,500,000

As the owner’s project manager for a national real estate investment company, Fulton Properties brought about an extensive rehabilitation of an existing multifamily building that had previously been utilized as student dormitory housing. The transformation from a student dormitory to a high end market rent community not only included the full renovation of the existing 60 residential units but additional space in the building was repurposed to add another 11 residential units, create resident amenities to include a  fitness center, resident lounge, concierge desk and management offices. To facilitate elevator access to the lower level the existing 5 stop elevator was removed and replaced with a new 6 stop ADA compliant elevator.

Project: Historic Cast Iron Façade

Value: $1,200,000

The historic McLauthlin Building in Boston’s North End was one of only two remaining cast iron facades in the City of Boston. The building owner was faced with very few options as the façade was in a state of disrepair to the point that large cast iron components were falling from the building and the engineering team they were working with could not provide a clear path forward other than removing the historic façade completely. Understanding the owner’s desire to keep the façade intact but needing to find a solution that was financially feasible Fulton Properties worked with all stakeholders to come up with a path forward that met all the major requirements of the project. The result was a safe and secure cast iron façade that continued to represent the historic beauty and intricate detail of the unique cladding system.

Project: Garage & Mezzanine Deck Waterproofing

Value: $800,000

The 200+ space underground parking garage had developed a series of leaks from exterior foundation walls and a landscaped mezzanine deck above portions of the garage. Identifying the source of the water penetration was made more challenging by the mature landscaping on the deck. To avoid the cost and disruption of removing all of the overburden soils from the deck Fulton Properties coordinated to have a series of test pits dug on the deck to identify the most problematic areas in the waterproofing assembly. Once these areas were mapped and prioritized the waterproofing contractor was able to successfully replace the membrane components in the areas that would yield the greatest improvement in the effectiveness of the system. They provided the building owner with a multiyear plan for continuing to make incremental improvements to the soundness of the waterproofing system while providing stability in the capital expenditures budgeted for future years.

Project: Slate & Copper Roof Replacement

Value: $1,300,000

The 49,000 square foot office building was part of the National Park Service Historic Monuments District and as such had to be painstakingly maintained to its original appearance from when it was first commissioned by the United States Navy. While replacing a roof on an office building is not typically noteworthy this project required a significant amount of coordination with approving authorities having jurisdiction. Much of the copper detail had to be custom crafted to match the original form and the slate itself was sourced to best match the original materials. During the course of the work the building was continuously occupied and as such needed to remain weather tight as well as providing safe access to the building. The result was a well-executed project and an historic roof that will provide another century of protection from the elements.

Project: Office Building Energy Saving Improvements

Value: $500,000

As many municipalities enact legislation to encourage reduction of energy consumption among commercial buildings Fulton Properties has worked with building owners to plan and implement energy saving improvements that would meet the City of Boston’s Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance requirements for energy actions and audits. When properly planned these types of projects can enhance building values, improve user experiences, reduce energy consumption and meet the intent of newly enacted requirements. In this case Fulton Properties worked with qualified energy professionals that could identify a course of action and then planned and implemented those actions to include window replacements, energy management systems and boiler plant replacements.

Featured Project

Historic Cast Iron Façade

The historic McLauthlin Building in Boston’s North End was one of only two remaining cast iron facades in the City of Boston.

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