I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for your team’s effort on the façade restoration for the historic McLauthlin Building in Boston. As one of only two remaining cast iron facades in the city of Boston we knew it was an architectural treasure worth preserving. I don’t need to remind you that when we asked for your assistance we had a façade that was a potentially hazardous liability and it was only continuing to grow worse. We were at an impasse as some work had already begun with the removal of cast iron components only to find that the previous team had no plan as to how to restore and replace them or create other viable options. At that point the choice seemed to be to either to commit to spending untold millions of dollars on restoration or relegating the entire façade to the trash heap.

Your team took the time to understand our goal of maintaining the architectural significance of the building, assured the soundness of the cast iron components and did it all within a budget that was manageable for our unit owners. On all counts you delivered and then some. The coordination between all stakeholders, engineers and contractors was admirable. Every detail was viewed for aesthetics, safety and cost and the final solution was an outstanding result. The unit owners had anticipated that much of the work would be at a considerable inconvenience but you were able to even minimize the negative impact of work for the affected units. The end result was that the project came in on budget, the architectural grandeur was assured and the investment will secure the façade for decades to come.

Thank you again for your talent and effort. If you ever need to provide a client with a referral for your services please do not hesitate to ask. The only grade given would be exceptional. “

—David Roberts, Trustee

Kenney Development Company

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