Garage & Mezzanine Deck Waterproofing

Project Summary

Value: $800,000

The 200+ space underground parking garage had developed a series of leaks from exterior foundation walls and a landscaped mezzanine deck above portions of the garage. Identifying the source of the water penetration was made more challenging by the mature landscaping on the deck. To avoid the cost and disruption of removing all of the overburden soils from the deck Fulton Properties coordinated to have a series of test pits dug on the deck to identify the most problematic areas in the waterproofing assembly. Once these areas were mapped and prioritized the waterproofing contractor was able to successfully replace the membrane components in the areas that would yield the greatest improvement in the effectiveness of the system. They provided the building owner with a multiyear plan for continuing to make incremental improvements to the soundness of the waterproofing system while providing stability in the capital expenditures budgeted for future years.

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